What do we do?


360 degrees of management for footballers globally delivered by experienced FIFA licensed intermediaries. Comprehensive service which includes management of day to day, relocation services, physical and conditional advice, as well as bespoke and targeted programmes for systematic improvements of performance.


For players, individual football clubs as well as entire leagues. Experience delivering companies to clubs in need of a sponsorship. Creativity and savviness is always included in our deal making abilities. Contacts in all industries, allowing us to always find the right deal for the right client.


With a global contact list of football clubs, FIFA licensed intermediaries, players and brands, we make the right connection and ultimately provide brokerage services for agents and players wishing to move to clubs which are out of their radar. We have a team and support from the best legal and financial individuals.

What do people say about us?

  • Lev Entertainment has always given me a great service which has helped me in my career as a footballer. I feel like part of the family and they always deliver!

    Luke Dunn, Woking FC
  • The company have a deep care about the players’ development and careers even in the short time I’ve been with them and that’s important because every player needs that good support to perform well on and off the pitch.

    Rugare Musendo, Ex-Southampton FC
  • They were always great with me and my family, which helped with the language barrier we had. They were always there when we needed to, and ultimately influenced me positively to become the footballer and person I am today.

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez Velasco, Club Deportivo Lugo, Colombia U17/U20